A morning dip at the pool turns literary as The Library opens up access to its impressive collection of books to read amidst relaxing views of the beautiful sea beyond. Or snazz up your holiday routine with a visit to The Fit before hitting the sand. Kayak and paddle boards are also available to borrow.


Unwind by The Library’s signature red swimming pool with the lulling warm breeze of Chaweng Beach beyond. Selected as one the most spectacular hotel pools in the world by Tripadvisor and Conde Nast, the Red Pool, with its mosaic tiles of orange, yellow and red, presents a dazzling spectacle of brilliant color and style.


The theme building of The Library is named The Lib, with its curated collection of over 1400 books to leaf through and an array of movies and music CDs of various genres to enjoy. Minimalist alabaster-white interiors coupled with stunning views of the sea and the Red Pool provide picture-perfect backdrops to an afternoon of light reading and relaxed entertainment.


Being on holiday doesn’t mean skipping on your fitness routine. Whether it be a quick aerobic workout or a full-scale bodybuilding regimen, The Fit has the necessary modern equipment to keep the heart pumping or to highlight that perfect washboard abs.